What's new in 2.99r ?
(mission.sqm updated, lots of scripts changed!)

* Fixed: Wrongly initialized island_center variable which caused a script error in fnc getranpointouterair
* Fixed: Missiles were not available again after respawn/layoutgear retrieve
* Fixed: Secondary muzzle magazines (like grenade launcher mag) were not loaded after respawn/layoutgear retrieve
* Changed: Disabled AI building search again (might result in better performance)
* Fixed: Clouds will now hopefully finally show up on clients (and JIP clients too)
* Changed: Disabled side mission 6 (hangar on island) because of the stupid "three different objects for a single hangar" problem of Alpha 3
* Changed: If there are no arty vehicles at base the "Call Artillery" action in the Dom custom action menu won't show up
* Fixed: If an artillery vehicle at base is missing (removed for example) the arifire script won't quit with an error anymore
* Changed: Moved air bonus spawn positions outside of hangars
* Changed: Moved initial player spawn position, respawn position at base, player ammobox and flag into the main airport building
* Fixed: Possible undefined variable error in revive (carryaction)
* Fixed: Better position checking in artillery dialog (not using the object anymore because object positions are not always updated immediately on clients in MP)
* Changed: Replaced flag at base with altis whiteboard

What's new in 2.99q ?

* Changed: Random minefield at main targets disabled (can cause performance issues on a dedicated server)
* Changed: Removed mine cluster magazine types from artillery which, guess what, can cause performance issues on a dedicated server
* Changed: Avoid main targets being too close during random main target creation (at least a second pass added)
* Fixed: Choosing unlimited revives started spectating immediately
* Added: Land vehicles won for resolving a side mission and main target mission can now also be lifted with a lift chopper (including tanks because Altis is huge)
* Removed: O_GMG_01_A_F and O_HMG_01_A_F from static AI enemy units (creates invisible gunners because it is of type UAV)
* Added: Missing laser batteries to ammo boxes
* Fixed: Player does now respawn with correct weapon layout if he has a secondary weapon in the Dom backpack and saved the layout
(full saved layout will only be available after respawning at a MHQ or at base not when a player gets revived to avoid cheating)
* Changed: Out of bounds checks now using the correct mapSize from world config and not d_island_marker anymore to avoid wrong calculations because of wrong marker mapping to the actual island coordinates
* Added: New NATO pistol (only available in version higher 111471)
* Changed: Fugly workaround to make params on clients (including headless client) working again (headless client not sure, still not able to test)



Category: ARMA


What's new in 2.99r ?
*修正: FNC getranpointouterairでスクリプトエラーの原因となったisland_center変数を初期化
*修正:基地で砲兵車両が欠落している場合(たとえば削除) arifireスクリプトはもうエラーで終了することはありません
*修正:リスポーンの可能性未定義変数エラー( carryaction )

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